What Is the Difference between Cheltenham and the Grand National?

Sports are arguably one of the most popular hobbies that people around the world can have. Over the course of a few decades (or centuries), they have become so popular, that some of them, like football, now present multi-billion dollar industries. Horse racing is certainly not that popular, but it nevertheless has hardcore fans all around the globe, and every true fan of the sport gets the chills at the mention of Cheltenham and the Grand National. More seasoned among them even like to bet on the races, just to make their experience more fun; there are numerous websites that allow people to easily bet on the Grand National or Cheltenham odds, which makes it all the more enjoyable. However, the average person might not fully grasp the differences that exist between Cheltenham and the Grand National, as they are both fairly significant horse racing events.

What is Cheltenham?

Cheltenham is one of the biggest racing events in Britain. It goes on for four days and hosts as many as two hundred and sixty thousand people, who come to watch and enjoy the twenty-eight races. It truly is an exhibition of some of the best horses Britain has to offer, and it has proven to be a place where legends are born. There are several races that attract the attention of the public; usually, the opening one gets the most media coverage, but the Gold Cup, the final race of the event is by far the most expensive and prestigious one in this event. This race really is the crown jewel of the Cheltenham Festival, and it is known to be very unpredictable. Both avid horse racing aficionados and laymen enjoy the uneasy feeling they get when watching this race.

What is the Grand National?

Aside from Cheltenham, the other racing event that no Brit would miss for the world is definitely the Grand National. However, the rest of the world is not safe from the Grand National fever: this event is watched by over six hundred million people from all over the globe, who all seek a piece of excitement it provides on a Saturday afternoon. It takes place in Liverpool, and the race itself is over four miles long, with fences that the horses have to jump over, as well as with a clear section of the track, where the horses can show their speed and stamina. Likewise, this race has also been known to produce horse racing history, and it features some of the most famous and agile horses that can be found on the British Isles.

What is the difference?

Unless you are an avid horse racing fan, there are actually more similarities between the two events than there are differences. Casual observers usually watch the races in order to place a few bets and feel the excitement that the track has to provide. These events are definitely the most significant horse racing events in the country, and among the most significant sporting events altogether. The cultural element related to this is also extremely important, as it represents a very significant part of British culture and identity. Regardless of whether you watch horse racing in your free time, these two events are definitely something you should not miss.