The Most Popular Horse Races in Europe

Some sports are more popular than others in some parts of the world. That much we know, simply because it is expected for some sports to do better than others, based on the history of the said sport in the said region. Sportsbooks are very aware of this and that is why we can see many football fans across the world using offers similar to the ones that can be found on

Horse racing is one of the sports that is synonymous with sports betting, the sport basically grew with sports betting, hand in hand. Horse racing tends to be popular in the betting scene, but it is also popular on its own, and Europe is one of the continents where it is widely popular.

Here are the most famous horse races in Europe.

The Cheltenham Experience

The Cheltenham racecourse hosts some of the most important horse races in Europe, it is also a location that hosts the Cheltenham Festival, which typically takes place in March. This festival is a great experience for those who want to see horse racing in person and get a bit more than just the excitement of the race out of it all. 

The prize pool is pretty huge, the winner taking home about 6 million pounds, which is nowhere near anything else that you can experience from a horse race, or in this case, a festival.

The Grand National

Another UK masterpiece, the Grand National is a horse race that attracts many people all from over the world. It is not a prize-heavy race such as the above mentioned one, but the prestige and history that it has more than makes up for it. This draws attention from both the jockeys, the sponsors as well as the people watching from their TVs and computers.

2021 was a pivotal year for the Grand National. It was the year that marked the first time a female jockey won the race, namely Rachael Blackmore on her horse called Minella Times.

Paul, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons – cropped

Palio di Siena

Moving to Italy, we have a horse race that has a long tradition, one that is at least three hundred and fifty years old. This race takes place in the Piazza di Campo, a square in the center of Siena. Interestingly enough, the race is held in a traditional manner, jockeys going without a saddle, or rather, bareback. 

There are ten jockeys, each representing one of the city’s wards. The race is run in honor of the Madonna of Provenzano. Given how different the race is, it attracts all sorts of people and is always televised. 

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

With a name like this, you can tell that the race is held in Paris and has something to do with the Arc of Triumph. It is also known as the Arc colloquially. It is a great and famous race, arguably one of the most famous horse races in Europe that is 102 years old.

These are the most famous horse races in Europe, so try and catch one live if you want to see a spectacle.